SandBlast Tournament Rules

Team make-up

  1. Co-ed, 6 vs 6 teams must not contain more than 3 men on court at one time. This division cannot play with less than 5 players or game is a forfeit.
  2. Coed, 4 vs 4 teams must not contain more than 2 men on court at one time. This division cannot play with less 3 players or game is a forfeit.
  3. Opposing teams do not need to contain equal numbers of males and females
  4. You may only play on ONE team in the tournament

Tournament Design / Scoring

  1. Double Elimination Tournament
  2. Each team will play one game, best of three to 21, must win by 2 points, rally scoring to 25.If tie-breaker is necessary, game will be played to 15, no rally in tiebreaker game.
  3. Each game is subject to a 30-minute timeline
  4. Rally Scoring – Whenever a team fails in serving, fails to return the ball to opponent in three hits, or commits any faults, the opposing team wins the rally. The result of winning:
    1. If the opponent served, they get a point and continue serving
    2. If the opponent received the serve, they get a point and gain a point and gain the right to serve next

Coin Toss

Before the first game, the official conducts two coin tosses in the presence of the Team Representatives.

  1. The winner of the first coin toss chooses either:
    1. Select to serve or receive service of the first ball or
    2. Choose the side of the court on which to start the game.
    3. The loser takes the remaining choice.
  2. For the second game, the teams will change sides after the first game. The loser of the first coin flip selects whether to serve or receive first in the second game. The winner of second coin flip has one of two choices if third game is necessary
    1. Serve first,
    2. Decide playing area.
    3. he loser takes remaining choice.

Rules during play

  1. Rotation – When the receiving team has gained the serve, that team’s players must rotate one position clockwise. The rotation order must be maintained through out game.
  2. Substitutions – A new player comes in same position on each service rotation.
  3. Time-outs – 2 one minute time-outs per game
  4. Tournament advancement – Team Representative will each sign referee’s scorecard after game is complete and be responsible on knowing when next game time if they continue.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from players or fans.

This includes but is not limited to, acts or conduct such as:

  1. Vulgar, obscene, or profane language
  2. Protesting judgment call during game
  3. Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment.
  4. Acting contrary to good manners or moral principles
  5. Interfering with opponent’s ability to play
  6. Expressing contempt