Façade Grant Program

The Façade Grant Program promotes the maintenance and rehabilitation of central business district properties by providing matching grants to business and building owners.

Downtown Goshen Inc. provides matching grants to business and building owners

Downtown Goshen Inc. provides matching grants to business and building owners.

Qualifying Façade Projects

To qualify for a grant, the proposed project must meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain historic or architectural integrity
  2. Preserve or restore architectural features
  3. Use material and colors that match building or district identity
  4. Consider the entire building
  5. Take cues from neighboring buildings
  6. Maintain continuity with character of district (i.e. storefront retail, etc.)
  7. Improve or maintain interest and appeal at street level
  8. Expand or maintain visual access to building interiors

Qualifying Façade Locations

Buildings which lie between Pike Street on the north, Madison Street on the south, on the west side of 5th Street and the east side of 3rd Street.

Funding Guidelines

  • Full Façade – 75% up to $4,000
  • Awnings – 75% up to $1,500 (per awning)
  • Signs – 75% up to $1,500

Full façade projects include a group of activities done together as one project, for example, painting, exterior rehabilitation, windows, and entryways.

Application Guidelines

A maximum of one façade grant application per building per calendar year will be accepted, with no more than two successive approved requests per building, not including sign requests.

Façade Grant Application Procedure

DGI, in contract with Dave Pottinger, will accept applications year round, using the following process:

  1. Applicant contacts Dave Pottinger (574-238-2532) for a pre-application consultation.
  2. Applicant obtains estimate from contractor for application.
  3. Applicant submits façade grant application online found under the ‘Online Application Form’ tab on this page, attaching photo of existing façade, photo/illustration/sketch of proposed project, and written estimate from contractor. A letter of permission from the building owner is required if the applicant is not the building owner.
  4. DGI Façade Committee reviews application to ensure it complies with the design, scope, and expectations set forth by Downtown Goshen, Inc, which include, but are not limited to, approval of project colors.
  5. DGI Façade Committee approves or denies façade grant, including any conditions of approval.
  6. Acceptance of Terms is provided to applicant for signature for an approved façade grant.
  7. Work proceeds only after Acceptance of Terms is signed by applicant.
  8. Applicant notifies Dave Pottinger of completion.
  9. Upon completion, project is inspected and approved for payment and an after photo is taken.
  10. Applicant submits contractor invoice and Façade Grant Reimbursement Invoice.
  11. DGI will pay the approved amount to the grant recipient

Conditions and Terms of Grant

The work for façade projects must be done in a manner consistent with the description of such work in the application submitted to DGI for the grant request.

Selection of Contractor

While David Pottinger has experience and expertise in historic renovation, facade grant recipients are in no way obligated to hire David Pottinger for the approved project.

Project Duration

Unless otherwise approved, all projects must be completed within one year of approval. Incomplete projects result in a forfeiture of funds. Grant recipients may request an extension. Extensions may be approved by the DGI Façade Committee if substantial progress is demonstrated.

Permitting and Approval

All work to be performed on the grant recipient’s building must comply with Goshen ordinances, codes, and regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the grant recipient to obtain any and all zoning clearances, variances, permits, and approvals. Contact the Goshen City Planning Department to ascertain what approvals will be required for the project.

Façade Grant Application

Façade Program vendor and contractor directory

DGI provides grants to qualified business in the Central Business District to encourage maintenance of historic or distinct architectural features.

General Contractors

Bail Home Services 533-4821
DJ Construction Co 533-1645
Homestead Builders of Goshen 533-4481
Zehr Construction 533-4677
Brubaker Building 202-1056


Maust Architectural Services 537-8500
Goshen Historical Society 975-0033

Roofing (not covered by Façade program)

CDR Construction 537-9285
Borntrager Roofing 533-0663


Snyders Paint 533-5995
Sherwin-Williams Co. 533-7722
John Hall Hardware 533-3293


Neff Mason Contracting and Supplies 831-4512
Vanderwey and Sons 534-5761